Monday, April 28, 2008

Eurovision 2008: Czech Republic

Tuomo writes: The Czech Republic was last year’s newbie in Helsinki, but no beginner’s luck for the Czech. Though 2007 was the year of heavy rock inspired tunes, the Czech macho rock entry did not get much support – much like the other countries who had thought that Lordi’s monster rock romp from the year before would be a promise of things to come. Cyprus, Iceland, and Montenegro all got eliminated in the semi-finals along with the Czech Republic, and even Finland, already pre-qualified for the final, didn’t make it to the top 10 (what a big surprise). So much for a new trend… other than for Finland :-)

This year, the Czech Republic tries again by sending in Tereza Kerndlová to perform the Czech entry Have Some Fun:

Here or

For a moment I thought this was the Egyptian entry :-)

This video clip confirms two things: 1) if you’re thin, you get to prance around in hot pants and wave pompoms; 2) otherwise you’re relegated to the choir and forced to wear black. :-

In terms of music, this was somewhat boring in my ears although normally I would go for the more pop-infused tunes. What's wrong with me???! At any rate, an improvement from last year... I'll learn to like this one too - I promise! :-)

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DJ Culé said...

The Czech is not bad looking... but I prefer the king of the freaks!! Chikilicuatre and Spain!